Have you made the switch over to LED lighting yet either in your building, home or office? Today’s the day to make the decision to upgrade the outdated and hazardous lights in your environment. From brightening up your life and work spaces, to illuminating the streets for safety and convenience, LED lighting has many benefits, including big cost savings on your next bill.

Here are 15 reasons why you need to do this now, but there are many, many other reasons as well!

  1. Save money on your bills from day one. As soon as you make the switch you’ll see the savings on your next utility bill – over fifty percent energy savings annually!
  2. LEDs are safer for the environment than traditional bulbs since they contain no hazardous gases, liquids or solids.
  3. LEDs come in a variety of shapes and colours, which means that you can set up the type of ambience you want in any room.
  4. They are safer since they don’t heat up like regular bulbs. There is less chance of starting a fire and less chance of burning a person that is changing a light bulb.
  5. They last for approximately 50,000+ hours, which means almost zero maintenance and hardly any bulb-changing!
  6. They are rust-proof so they can easily be used for a variety of outdoor applications.
  7. LED bulbs retain their original, true colours.
  8. These types of bulbs don’t flicker and do not produce annoying humming noises like fluorescent bulbs often.
  9. They are extremely durable since they are made with a thick epoxy. In fact, they are very difficult to break.
  10. LED lights do not contain dangerous chemicals such as mercury that CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs do.
  11. LED lights don’t attract insects or bugs as other bulbs do.
  12. There is no warm-up time involved – these lights switch on immediately.
  13. They can be recycled.
  14. They can operate in just about any type of weather condition.
  15. LEDs are brighter than traditional lighting options so you can expect to receive better light overall.

LED is the innovative, cost-effective lighting solution of today! These are just some of the reasons why you need to switch over to LED lighting. For more information about your available options or if you have any questions at all please contact us today (905) 282-0881.