Parking Lot & Outdoor Area Lighting By EcoGEN

When it comes to outdoor area lighting, often lighting is too bright in some areas and too dark in others. This is because, until now, lighting of outdoor areas was dominated by metal halide and high-pressure sodium sources. These are relatively efficient lighting options and have good performance characteristics […]

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint With LED Lighting

In going about our daily lives, each of us inevitably contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases that are causing climate change. In particular, the choices we make at home and at work influence our carbon footprint, which is a shorthand term to describe the full climate […]

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Energy Efficient Lighting For Offices By EcoGEN

Lighting is a major energy consumer. So whether you’re constructing a new office building or upgrading lighting at your existing location, investing in energy efficiency is one way to cut operational costs without a direct impact on the occupants of the building.

Indeed, given the rapid advancement of the lighting […]