LED bulbs are considered to be the environmentally-friendly choice since they save energy nor contain the harmful toxins found in regular bulbs. Many homeowners and commercial building owners have not yet made the switch over to this green option, typically due to the upfront costs involved. You may have to make the decision to increase your investment to make the change, but as with most other renovation projects, there can be a payback if and when you decide to sell your building or home.

High-quality lighting fixtures can provide a capital improvement in terms of an increase in the market value of a property, and this should be considered. It is one of the reasons why many renovation projects are started in the first place and the same holds true for LED lighting fixtures.

Not only can you save money on energy (and a lot of it if you own a commercial property) but you will also be increasing its value. Many large establishments that have made the switch have recuperated their investment in as little as 30 months. The savings after that point can be pure profit, while your property value will have increased as well.

Market value increases can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for large corporations that are making the switch over to these lighting fixtures. It also becomes a great selling point, since new owners will be able to save money on energy and spend a less time changing bulbs or maintaining fixtures.

Owners should ensure that they only choose high quality lighting products, however, in order to see the best return on investment. Spending some extra money upfront is the wisest choice to make for long-term savings and market appreciation. When you consider that the energy savings on average when using LEDs versus standard lighting options is 80%, you’ll be able to determine for yourself just how much cost savings you’ll see without even taking the market value into account.

Making the switch over to LEDs just makes good common sense and even though there may be some upfront costs involved, it’s important to look at the whole picture and what the long-term savings and profit will be. At Ecogen we can help you look at the numbers and give you some real-life examples so that you can make an informed decision about your lighting. Contact us today or visit our website at ecogen.ca to learn about your lighting retrofit options.