The entrance to your home is the room that is going to make the first impression upon any guest that enters your home. The light that you have in your foyer will be setting the tone of the overall ambiance of your home so it is important to understand how to light up this area the right way.

When you choose warm lighting for the entranceway it will provide a welcoming glow to all that arrive. To accomplish this, choose LED lights with a temperature of 2700 K. This will provide lighting that is a sign of hospitality.

If the entranceway has very tall ceilings, it is a good idea to use multiple fixtures and they can be hung at varying heights. If the foyer has a low ceiling, it’s best to choose lighting that remains close up to the ceiling. This may include pot lights. The idea is to not draw attention to the fact that the ceiling is low and to keep it looking as high as possible.

A dimmer can be used in the entranceway and it’s a great idea to install one., The lights can be turned up when people are putting on or taking off their shoes or coats and turned down to present a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Nowadays, the rules for lighting have become much more relaxed. If you live in an older home, it’s okay to use modern lighting and if your home is more contemporary, you can reach for more traditional sources of light. You can use creativity to make your entranceway the best it can be with proper lighting.

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