LED Lighting for Hospitality Industries and Restaurants

When you’re working in the hospitality field you know it’s all about creating the best atmosphere for customers so that they can enjoy themselves and will want to return at another time. Poor quality lighting products that tend to flicker or produce unnatural lighting just won’t cut it in the restaurant and hospitality sectors. LEDs create the perfect ambience for all types of venues while at the same time promoting a healthier planet and savings on utility bills.

In the hospitality field the lights are usually left on very late or overnight. The savings can be substantial when you have the lights burning 24/7. The cost of changing from expense lighting to cost-effective LED lights is minimal when you consider the long-term savings involved.

Lighting for Customers

When you are servicing customers you have to take the entire atmosphere into account. You need to take a look at your lighting and see whether it is promoting your business or actually bringing it down a notch. Lighting plays an important part in setting an inviting atmosphere and while you probably paid special attention to picking out the right furniture and making sure that other aspects of your surroundings were perfect, you may have neglected to take your lighting into account.

At Ecogen we can help you figure out how much lighting you will need and how it should be distributed throughout your venue. Special considerations will be taken into account based on the services you provide. For example, if you’re running a hotel, you’ll have people visiting for a vacation and you’ll be servicing business people as well. You’ll need to make sure that your rooms are equipped to make people on holidays relaxed and comfortable while also providing the proper lighting around desk areas for people that will be working in the hotel room.

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