LED Troffer Ceiling Lighting for Medical Research Centres

Whether you are in charge of a rehabilitation centre, a medical clinic or another type of medical establishment that deals with research, you’ll need the right type of lighting solutions for all areas. In terms of medical research, there is more to lighting than simply illuminating the room. There must be enough light generated to work productively.

In order to get the most accurate results, the correct lighting must be in place. Without it, productivity will go down and so will efficiency. The best lighting available for research centrea are dimmable LED troffers.

LED Dimmable Troffer 2×4

This lighting option is the most cost-effective way to replace fluorescent troffers in a research establishment. Our LED Troffers come with Espen Technology Drivers and Samsung LEDs. Consuming only 42W while producing as much light as 4 – F32T8 fluorescent fixtures, it is one of our best sellers for all types of medical centres.

LED Dimmable Troffer 2×2

This dimmable troffer can also be used to replace traditional fluorescent lights. It comes equipped with an LED double lens and provides volumetric high-performance lighting. It consumes 36W and the light intensity produced is equivalent to 3 – F17T8 fluorescent fixtures.

LED Dimmable Troffer 1×4

This fixture also comes with Espen Technology Drivers and Samsung LEDs and can easily replace fluorescent lights. The site also uses only 36 W and the light intensity produced is equal to 2 x F32T8 fluorescent fixtures.All of the lights listed above are dimmable so that you can use as much light as needed at any given moment. These lights will provide a savings of up to 50% of your current lighting bill and offer better lighting as well. For more information about our dimmable LED Troffers please visit our website at ecogen.ca