Dimmable LED Flat Panel Light 2×2


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A high performance LED flat panel designed to lay in to drop ceilings; typically used to replace 2’x2’ fluorescent fixtures or for new installation. Suitable for Office, Hospitals, Schools and Medical facility applications. Panel lights are available in fully dimmable options, and are compatible with building controls and motion sensors.

The Edge lit LED Flat Panels are designed for installation into T-bar grid (drop) ceilings. They are fully dimmable options and are compatible with building controls, motion sensors, timers and day light harvesting systems. The LED produces even, consistent shadow-free illumination with no glare.

With a PF of 0.92, the LED Flat panel operates on 90-305 Input voltage, produced with environmentally friendly materials, with no Mercury and or hazardous materials. It offers a long potential life of 50,000 hours.

Life span expectancy of 50,000 hours = 16 years @ 12 hours / Monday-Friday workday or = 7 years @24/7 usage

  • Green – No Mercury or lead and recyclable
  • Energy savings up to 50%
  • Significant Maintenance cost reduction
  • Fully RoHs compliant
  • Instant On-No warm up time
  • Self driven, No additional drivers required
  • Very slim profile enables installation in low depth cavities
  • Remote control options / Fully dimmable
  • 5 years warranty
  • Govt Rebate on Energy savings light: Up to 50% total project cost

The LED Flat Panels deliver a high lumen output and excellent colour rendering index (CRI) 85, while minimizing maintenance time and cost.





Power Distribution:




Product Specifications
1 Model Number EGP2.603D.39.XX
2 Rated Voltage (VAC/Hz) 100~277Vac/50 or 60Hz
3 Power Consumption (W) 39
4 Power Factor (PF) 0.92
5 LED Quantity 192
6 1/2Ө  Power Radiation Angle 112
7 CRI (%) >80
8 Lifetime (hrs) >50000
9 Operating Temperature (°C) -20 ~ +50
10 Storage Temperature (°C) -20 ~ +80
11 Weight (Kg) 5.7
12 Mounting Height (Meter) 2~3
13 Certifications cCSAus

Color Temperature Table
Color Temperature 3500K 4000K 5000K
Luminous Flux 3100 3400 3400
Efficiency 82 90 90
Illumination @ 2M 268 295 295

Power Supply
Model 40LTN-28PSAA
Input Voltage 100~277Vac
Frequency Range 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 28 Vdc
Output Amperage 1.4A

Lifetime: 50,000 hours; Warranty: 5yrs.

Mechanical Specifications:


Length = 603mm,

Width = 603mm,

Panel Thickness= 11mm









Conformity & Characteristics:


  1. Dimmable Edge Lit LED 2×2 Specification Sheet (Click here)
  2. Product flyer (Click here)

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