Ecogen supports a number of energy-saving initiatives across the globe and is dedicated to making the planet safer for the next generation. This commitment is embraced across all facets of the business and we strive to create the best sustainability lighting models and energy-efficient business practices with customers and manufacturing partners.

We understand that everything we do impacts our world and creates a foundation for the future. For this reason, we do everything possible to develop the most innovative energy-saving lighting products. During the process, we source the materials that are the most environmentally friendly and are conscious of effectively managing waste. We always strive to do a lot more than simply meet regulatory obligations.

Our responsibility as LED lighting experts and suppliers means that we have to set the best example possible through high standards for safety, health and the environment. In fact, we view it as our responsibility.

Sustainability of LED Light Bulbs

LED bulbs are extremely long-lasting and energy-efficient. When compared to the conventional light bulbs we have used in the past, LED lights can cut the consumption of energy by more than 80%. At the same time, these bulbs can ultimately last 25% longer. Every time that you swap out a traditional bulb for an LED bulb, you can rest assured that you’re helping the environment and safeguarding it for our children.

It’s estimated that if every United States citizen replaced one conventional bulb in his home with an LED light bulb, the energy savings would be able to light approximately 2.5 million homes. This shows the incredible power of everyone doing something, even minimally, to create a positive effect.

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