EcoGEN’s current and future generation of products support global clean energy initiatives by reducing energy consumption and offering environmentally friendly solutions for general lighting applications. We are committed to achieving environmental, health and safety (EHS) excellence. This is a responsibility shared not only in all areas of our business, but also with our manufacturing partners and customers. Sustainability remains a constant in all of EcoGEN’s projects and initiatives.

We care about the environment

Everything we do has an influence on the world around us. At EcoGEN, we do our best to ensure our work has only positive impact on the world, whether it is developing energy saving products, using environmental friendly materials or managing waste effectively. Meeting regulatory obligations is the minimum we can do.

Our goal is to reach beyond that. Maintaining high environment, health and safety standards is more than simply a good business practice; it is a fundamental responsibility to our employees, customers, suppliers and the environment we all share. We strongly believe that guidance and education are essential to include a larger set of people into our sustainability initiatives.

Membership and Alliance

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